Productivity Tips

When you’re looking for productivity tips, but you’re also short of time—and who isn’t, these days?—this might be a good page for you.

productivity tips

Here you’ll find brief tips and comments relative to getting started, getting things done, wrapping things up, and heading in the right direction for you—among other things.

[First tip: refresh the page whenever you come here, to be sure you see the latest entry.]

As more than one wise person has observed, none of us can live long enough to make all possible mistakes ourselves.

So, why not let other people make some of those mistakes for you? And then learn from those as well as from your own. In that spirit, the turtle and I will be sharing certain lessons we've learned ourselves from both observation and our own pratfalls.

And perhaps you have some lessons you’d like to share yourself. As another wise person noted, “the torch you raise to light the path of another lights your own as well.” If you’d like to raise that same torch in some way, we’d love to post your comments for our readers to enjoy. We’ll have a mechanism in place for that soon.

These first tips feature feng shui. Why? Because with little more from you than some thought, a few environmental adjustments, and your intent, Feng shui can give nearly all of your efforts a boost. They’re natural partners, feng shui and turtle-tracks: why not give them a try and see for yourself?

You'll find a couple of feng shui tips below. And just below those, you'll find links to some other tips. Although some are short, you may find their messages worth considering.

Feng Shui Beginners: Balance is Good

Gentle reminder for feng shui beginners: balance is good. That is, when you start putting your “cures” in place, try not to put the bulk of your focus on the prosperity area.
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Feng Shui and Your Mailbox—What's up with that?

Here's a pairing that might seem unlikely: Feng Shui and your mailbox.
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