Feng Shui and Shoes —
What’s their connection with your path?

Feng Shui and shoes and your “path.” There's a connection here?! Some bizarre ménage a trois, perhaps—or shoe fetish? Alas, nothing so entertaining as that. Still, it’s a connection worth exploring. (Haven't met feng shui? Click here for an introduction.)

feng shui and shoes

So, what advice can this ancient discipline offer that relates to shoes? More than you might think, much of it relating to clutter. No surprises there.

But today’s tip ain’t about clutter, so let’s don’t “clutter” it up with any side trips. We’re concerned with something else entirely, which is the direction you're taking toward your goals and dreams.

And here’s where, unintentionally, you can sometimes set up roadblocks with your shoes. Why? Because those shoes symbolize the figurative “path” you’re walking in life, including the size and direction of the steps you take. Starting to see where this tip is headed?

Right to the suggestion that you line your shoes up like soldiers. If they're pointing in all different directions instead, you risk sidetracking yourself, because such a pattern can pull you toward competing destinations. Kind of obvious when you stop to consider it, but an awful lot of us never do.

Although it’s particularly critical that both shoes of a pair face the same direction, it's most beneficial when every pair conforms as well. If they do not, you may have trouble deciding how to begin projects and enterprises and, naturally, wonder who/what to blame for that. The possible culprit(s)? All those shoes facing different points of the compass. Even if you do somehow manage to get started, imagine the detouring possibilities awaiting you when some of your shoes face north and others are facing south, east, and west!

Perhaps this tip seems far-fetched at the present time. Pay it some heed anyway; get those soldiers marching in the same direction. You have nothing to lose but the time and attention you put toward corralling your shoes. (Cuts down on clutter, too.) And you may have far more to gain than you realize. If you live with a significant other, do yourselves a favor and conform the shoes of you both.

Get (and keep) everybody’s shoes facing the same way, and see if you don’t find yourselves more frequently agreeing about the issues in your life, both large and small. It’s sure been working for me, and it just might work for you as well.

Want to learn more about feng shui? This book lays things out pretty well, I think: Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life: How to Use Feng Shui to Get Love, Money, Respect and Happiness. Plus, it's a pretty fun read. In fact, Feng shui itself is fun. Why not give it a try?

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