Feng Shui Beginners:
Pay attention to your mailbox!

This week's tip, for feng shui beginners (and not-so-beginners), looks at another seemingly unlikely pairing: feng shui and your mailbox. This one comes to us courtesy of David Daniel Kennedy, the author of Feng Shui For Dummies (For Dummies (Home & Garden))

feng shui beginners

If you’ve never read this book, don’t be put off by its title. Mr. Kennedy doesn’t really think you’re a dummy, and he’s written a very accessible introduction to feng shui. (Moreover, it has an index, which some others do not.)

When I was reading "Dummies," I was struck by the author’s advice to spiff up the mailbox to attract more ch’i to our residence. (New to ch’i? Click here to get better acquainted.) At the time, our own mailbox seemed somewhat on the seedy side. I often considered an upgrade, too, but hesitated because four families shared the same mounting frame.

My husband and I could, however, have painted or otherwise embellished our box without crowding the others. With such an enhancement, we’d have felt considerably better when we picked up the mail. I suspect the carrier would have enjoyed it, too. Plus, the ch’i might have found us more easily as well, as the driveway to our house could be confusing to the first-time visitor. In retrospect, I think we needed that ch’i a lot more than we realized. (Alas, too soon we're old and too late smart.)

What about your own mailbox?
In the USA, many communities now have multiple-box posts provided by the Postal Service. If that’s you, just skip this tip. But if you live in an areas that features individual mailbox, Mr. Kennedy (and I) would like you to consider the possibility that a beat-up or hard-to-see mailbox might be barring you from some good news.

Why? Because such a mailbox can deflect the energy of well-being or good connections in much the same way as a blocked path or cluttered entrance to your home. If people (or mail) can’t find you easily, then positive energy may face a similar challenge. So buff up your mailbox if it’s fallen prey to time and the elements.

Do this with the intention of perking up certain areas of your life—your finances or your social life, perhaps—and you might be pleasantly surprised at what your mailbox does for you in return. Plus, it will look good besides: win-win all around.

Don’t have a mailbox? Then spruce up the outside entrance to your home to gain a similar effect. Just like the rest of us, ch’i likes to feel welcome. If you do that, the ch’i will likely do something nice for you in return.

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