Feng Shui Beginners: Keep It Balanced

Gentle reminder for feng shui beginners: balance is good. That is, when you start putting your “cures” in place, try not to put the bulk of your focus on the prosperity area. Probably 90 percent of first-timers do that very thing, very possibly overlooking other aspects of their lives that need tweaking more. Perhaps a lot more.

Try not to do that yourself, she admonished sagely, having done that very thing herself. (Today’s rule for feng shui beginners: do as I say, not as I sometimes do myself.)

feng shui beginners

But speaking of “prosperity,” you may be interested to learn that some practitioners believe the family section also influences day-to-day cash flow.

That particular principle gave me a nudge one day when, very shortly after placing an enhancement in our own family area, I “found” the money to buy an attractive sideboard my husband and I had been eye-balling for quite sometime.

How my husband wanted that piece, while I dragged my feet and moaned pathetically about the price. But, at almost the moment I placed the enhancement, the whole arrangement came together in my mind: a small savings account I’d forgotten about, a gold piece that was kicking around, another little bank account. And there it all was: the money for the sideboard. Sure, it could have been coincidence; it could also have been a cosmic whack upside the head.

And if it was, consider the boost you can give to whatever area of your life you choose—not just your finances. Beginner or not, do have a look at feng shui, if this discipline holds the remotest interest. You may find it greasing the wheels for you better than you expect. Moreover, environments just seem to feel good after certain FS adjustments. Maybe you'd enjoy some of that Feel Good energy in your own home.

Here are a couple of books I like, if you're interested in pursuing Feng Shui a bit further...

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