Any of These Strike a Chord?

You’ve spent much of your adulthood putting the needs of others before your own. Although you don't regret those years, you are ready for your own "turn." But time and circumstance have led you to drop (and perhaps even forget) many of the dreams you once had for yourself. So, although it may be your turn, it’s your turn to be what? To do what? To have what? You no longer know and aren’t sure how you’ll find out.
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just do one thing

You’ve just gone through a killer divorce that’s left you heartsick and close to broke. You know you’ve got to build a new life, but you hardly know where to start. What you wouldn’t give for a road map—or even just a compass. A friendly face or two would be nice, too. (Click on the link to go to Building a Great Life.)

A while ago, you began a big project—one so exciting you couldn’t wait to get up in the morning. It scared you a little, too, because of its scope and complexity. But you took a deep breath and got off to a roaring start. And everything went great for a while...until you stalled out. Now you can’t seem to get going again. You are SO stuck, and it’s driving you crazy. (Click here for some ideas about what might be holding you back.)

You’re approaching retirement and wonder how you can manage without your paycheck. Can you live on a fixed income? Maybe one that’s less than you’re used to and also perhaps less than you expected? Can you supplement that income in a more-satisfying way than flipping burgers? You aren’t sure, and you’re feeling frustrated and profoundly uneasy. (Small steps work with personal finance, too. "Financial-kaizen" coming soon!)

just do one thing

You have a history of taking the shorter, straighter route of expedience. This path has (perhaps repeatedly) bypassed the more-winding route to what you really wanted. It's also led you to a work life that rewards you financially but with very little else. Moreover, it’s not who or where you want to be anymore. You’d love to make a fresh start, but "who" would you like to be? You're not sure, and the clock's ticking...
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None of the above. You simply want to slap your paint on a bigger canvas—to live larger and more joyfully. You're not complaining; you just want there to be "more" in your life. But you're also not sure what would do that for you. (See the suggestion above.

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