Simple Ways to Change Your Life

Looking for simple ways to change your life? Then try these—small steps. That's right: just do one thing...and then another and another. Although you may not believe something so uncomplicated could ever work for you, small steps can and will IF you take them.

Such steps are the essence of personal kaizen," which asks the following simple but powerful question. What one thing can you do to improve a particular condition in your life or come closer to your particular goal?

Supposing that your goal were something that would change your life in some way. Let's say, for example, that you want to get back into shape. Kaizen can help you do that. Just pick a place to start, and then take a single step. Then take another and another. Click on the link to see someone using such steps to get back into shape herself. (Simple ways to change your life.)

ways to change your life

If you know in what way(s) you want your life to be different, ask yourself this question. What small thing can I do to begin moving my life in that direction? It doesn’t have to be a big step; sometimes the smaller the steps the better. Incremental change often proves more effective (and sustainable) than radical change.

In fact, among all the ways you could pick to change your life, gradual change would probably yield the best results. Not the fastest results, perhaps, but the most long lasting and, very likely, the most satisfactory.

So, whenever you’re embarking upon any kind of change, think kaizen. It could be one of the best ways to change your life you'll ever encounter. And one of the best ways to change or accomplish anything else, for that matter. However modest your steps may feel, they can (when taken consistently) develop irresistible momentum.

Before you start taking those steps, however, there’s a vital question to consider. And it is this: what you want to change your life to? Or to put this another way, what areas of your life do you believe need to change either a little or a lot to make you more comfortable/happy. What would you be, do, and/or have that differs from today?

ways to change your life

Unless you know those answers for sure, seeking out ways to change your life would be pointless. If you could use some help with the “be, do, and/or have” questions, why not work through the free course at our sister site? Then you Will know for sure. Just click on the link: What do you Really want?

And it'll be full speed ahead—well, full speed ahead in small steps. But that’s how the tortoise did it, and she was the one who went home with the prize. So can you.

Pretty sure you have the be/do/have answers already? Then, you’re in great shape: just start taking the steps. Do one thing (now!) that you believe takes you closer to your goal. Then do another and another…because small steps can lead to very big changes.

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