Feng Shui in the Home: Cures

Feng Shui in the Home (continuation)

(from the previous page) “As you shift the energy in a single room or an entire house with certain feng shui (FS) cures or remedies, you also promote corresponding shifts in your broader life…”

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These cures you would choose based upon how satisfied you are with certain areas of your life. For example, if your finances seem a bit tight, you might enhance the prosperity section of your house.

But don’t neglect the other areas of your life, which may need as much or even more feng shui support.

Let's say your spouse or partner gives you a hard time. Then, you might work with the love and relationships area. If things seem dicey at work, pay attention to your home’s career section. Feeling kind of “off”? Then add a cure to the health area of your home. And so on.

Please don't knock yourself out with the cures, though. With regard to remedies, a little goes a long way provided you declare your intent as you make them. So each time you place a remedy or cure, be clear in your mind about why you’re doing so. Then articulate it in some manner.

You might, for example, say something like this: “Purple ribbon, in draping you around my wooden figure, I intend to promote prosperity in all areas of my life. Thank you, thank you.” Something like that.

Your enhancements can be as simple as placing a certain color in a particular section of your home. For example, you might place something purple in the prosperity zone, as in the above example. An ornament of some kind or a mobile with purple in it could work. Alternatively, you could use another prosperity color for your remedies—gold or red, perhaps.

chili wreath; feng shui in the home At least with certain FS "sects," cures needn’t be visible to the eye. In fact, I sometimes place my own out of view, since the colors we prefer tend not to be heavy-duty FS colors. Nice to have that option, isn’t it? (Feng shui in the home can be flexible!)

As you’ll discover, if you go beyond mere basics, you can work with enhancements in many, many ways. For example, cures often involve much more than color.

Some people, for example, balance the elements of fire, water, metal, wood, and earth in their homes. Even compass points can enter the equation, although I don’t observe those myself. Suffice it to say that feng shui in the home accommodates a broad range of philosophies and preferences.

I believe that the power of a cure or remedy rests as much with our own decision or intent to create change, as with the form of the cure itself. Thus, our creative and entertaining enhancements serve as signals to the Universe and our subconscious minds: hey, look—we want to bring about some changes.

When we set our enhancements with intent, I think we anchor them and, thereby, place “orders” with the Universe. Certain professional practitioners (which I am not) may reject this notion. That's fine. Should you come to believe otherwise yourself, that’s also fine. You’ll work things out in a way that makes sense to you.

Above all, try to keep it light. Although feng shui basics can be a great addition to your energetic tool kit, remember who’s in charge. If certain FS publications or practitioners seem too pushy (or give off paranoid vibes), just leave them alone. Work, instead, with writers and practitioners whose methods and philosophy better reflect your own nature. As with so many things in life, feng shui in the home can employ more than one model.

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