Products and Resources

On this page we've listed some products we like—our own and also a few from other people. Although Turtle Tracks (our company) makes a commission on certain of those products, we represent only resources and/or vendors that we feel good about ourselves. [Please note, however, that we have no association with the vendors in any Google ads you may eventually find at this site. You're on your own with those.]

Our Stuff

Do One Thing

Windfall Game Ready Soon
Want to raise your sights a bit, maybe start painting on a broader canvas? We're designing the Windfall Game to help you do those very things—and have some fun at the same time. Stay tuned...

Do One Thing Yes! Images
Strong medicine for anyone who says No to herself a little too often (you know who you are). Click here to take a look at two fun and pretty countermeasures. Both are free downloads.

Products from Others

Prosperity Place
I like this enterprise a lot and particularly enjoy its newsletter. Although I’ve not tried all their commercial products, those I’ve purchased have been useful and priced fairly. Actually, I’ve been a fan of Joan Sotkin for some years now, as I think she has both a good head and a good heart. Click here to check out Prosperity Place.

Notes from the Universe
These “notes,” which arrive in your mailbox every weekday morning, are totally cool. (And free.) Funny, touching, insightful, they help the day get off on a light-hearted note. If you like the sound of that, click on over to TUT’s Adventurer’s Club. There are other products at TUT, but you needn’t buy a thing to receive the Notes.

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