Welcome to the *Windfall Game!

Say hello to the beginnings of a broader vision of yourself and the possibilities before you. Over the next three weeks, you will use "virtual" checks as a vehicle to revisit your assumptions and explore (and perhaps expand) your desires. What you discover about yourself during this process may surprise you.

Here’s how the game works. Starting today, you’ll receive twenty-one “virtual” checks from the universe. You can access these either at your own pace or through reminder emails that contain links to each day's check. (You'll find a sign-up form for the reminders at the bottom of the checks page.)

These emails arrive daily for four days, and then you have a day off. Another four checks follow before the next day off. And so on, until you've received all twenty-one virtual checks.

This “play money” is for you to spend in your mind and heart on whatever rings your chime. Beginning with fifty dollars, the virtual checks grow ever larger until your final gift of one million dollars on Day 21. Your job? Figuring out how you’d handle this money if it came to you in “real time.”

In fact, think of the money itself as real, if you can. That will help you move into a mindset of (comfortably) using and managing larger amounts of money. So, as you play the game, try to think more expansively than you might ordinarily do. Spend this virtual money in ways that would enrich and enliven your life even beyond your present aspirations.

Please remember, though, that the checks you’ll receive really are “virtual” checks. So you may spend them only in your mind and heart, which are often where it matters most anyway. If you try to cash these checks or use them at the checkout counter, the men with the butterfly nets will be paying you a call. (And they might not take no for an answer.)

Spending It
First and foremost, have a great time with this virtual money. But don’t just blow your windfall without any real reflection. That would only reinforce whatever scarcity messages you might be harboring.

At the same time, don’t sock every cent of it into a savings account. This is NOT rainy-day money. Sure, put some of these gifts into a financial cushion if you wish. This will give you a taste of how such security feels. It may also attract more resources to you in real time.

Mainly, though, spend very freely on things that enrich you personally: “toys” of various kinds, travel, income investments—whatever.

Another point, which will be reiterated in the game itself: please don’t give all the money away. Yes, giving is good on all kinds of levels. But if you leave nothing for yourself, you signal that your needs and desires matter less than those of others. Not a useful message if you're trying to work out win-win solutions for issues that arise in your life.

Finally, to supercharge these gifts, do take them seriously. When you use your virtual money to “buy” something, know its approximate cost in real time. Above all, though, have fun with this virtual windfall from a generous universe.

And do observe the reminders and challenges attached to most of your checks. These, along with your purchases, will help you kick-up your aspirations and expectations. Always a job worth doing!

And that’s it for the rules and regs. Now you’re ready to rock! Click this link and pick up your check for Day 1.

*This game, which grew out of the genre of prosperity games from Abraham-Hicks and others, gratefully acknowledges its forebears and “cousins.”